Elevators Being Upgraded?

If not, it’s not “IF” it’s “When” will Code Enforcement be showing up for inspections.

In the State of Florida Elevator Code Upgrades are being enforced causing property managers, building engineers and Condo Boards in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Many times the one item overlooked in Elevator Upgrades is bringing the Fire Alarm up to code and capable of handling the newer recall features required once the elevators are brought up to compliance. “Grandfathered” buildings are no longer exempt and older fire alarm systems are usually out dated in terms of new code compliance with newer elevators and other required upgrades. Condominium owners and the boards have been known to update one and not the other, requiring more money to be assessed that they often are not aware of.  CSS suggests having your fire alarm inspected to make sure PRIOR to any elevator upgrade it meets the current requirements. Fire alarm code has been changing and local authorities are enforcing this throughout Florida. Keep in mind any upgrade (such as elevators) on the fire alarms normally mean the entire building needs to be brought up to the current fire code. Every situation varies but we wanted all of our customers to be aware of the potential costs involved.

Critical System Solutions works tirelessly to handle and deliver solutions that alleviate our customers from finding themselves out of compliance. All of our technicians are certified and up to date on regulations in this arena including NICET certified designers for all your Life Safety Fire Alarm or Fire Sprinkler needs.

Services we provide:

  • Installation
  • Fire Alarms
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Test and inspections

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