High Rise Building Safety – CSS can help!

Meeting the latest in NFPA guidelines for building fire safety.

Fire Alarm:

  • Voice Evac Notification and Visual Notification.  Condos and Apartments (sleeping areas) meeting min. 75db at the pillow for Fire Alarm Speaker Voice Evac sound levels.  Most sleeping areas require one speaker per room now.
  • Smoke Control within the building.  Controlling and Pressurizing the building for evacuation purposes.
  • Compartmentation
  • DAS (Digital Antenna System) or Public Safety Radio Enhancers Partial Fire Sprinkler Protection or Full.
  •   Elevator control during a fire situation it is working properly.

Fire Sprinkler:

  • Full or Partial Fire Sprinkler Protection (Required 2003 Statue 718.112)   – 2010 Opt-Out (deadline was 2016) of full Sprinkler systems requires a ELSS Engineered Life Safety System.
  •   Fire Pumps meeting proper pressures at the roof and controllers working and monitored by FACP.
  • 5 year system testing


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