London Fire – Grenfell Tower

The tragic fire that has destroyed the London building Grenfell Tower claiming at least 79 lives known so far and feared will rise closer to 100…many are hospitalized and in critical condition. It’s been reported that the building tenants were complaining on how it was a fire hazard prior to this tragedy. Case and point, tragedies like this one can be prevented with updated and or inspected fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

In Florida, Rick Scott had the opportunity to veto a bill that would allow owners of high-rise condos to vote on opting out of fire sprinklers and of an ELS system. As of June 14th 2017, he did just the opposite and the bill is effective July 1st 2017. How much is life worth, cutting corners to avoid spending some money to upgrade fire alarms and fire sprinklers bringing them to code? Condo owners should fully understand that by neglecting this line of safety can be deadly to innocent people like what we are seeing in the news this week.  At minimum, they should have updated fire alarms even if they opt out of revamp of their fire sprinklers in the building. Since fire alarms warn resident to at least get out of the building in time before fire exits become compromised.

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